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Côte Saint-Luc














2000 Rue Remembrance

2125 Ward

3405 Benny

6555 Metropolitain East

468 rue Saint-Gregoire

1055 Blvd. Shevchenko

500 Rue Sauvé E

60 Notre-Dame West

3551 Boulevard Gouin Est

30 Notre Dame West

29-33 Notre Dame West

34 Notre Dame East

35 Notre Dame West

6555 Kildare

32 Notre Dame East

1 Brown

20 St Jean Baptiste

34 Notre Dame West

11 Sherbrooke East #301

15 Notre Dame West

15 De Lourdes

36 Notre Dame East

433-443 4e Avenue

32 Notre Dame West

623-639 rue Woodland

615 Hudson

720 32e Avenue

455 32e Avenue

700 32e Avenue

442-452 3e Avenue

40 Maple

355-379 Ste-Croix

1740 Place Rodolphe Bedard

1300 des Pins

1780 Place Rodolphe Bedard

1700 Place Rodolphe Bedard

38 Maple

425 32e Avenue

514 des Pins

710 32e Avenue

2384 Beaconsfield

2202 Wilson

2204 Wilson

2178 Oxford

2200 Wilson

2300 Madison

2421-2439 De Maisonneuve East

2070 Chomedey

2087 de Maisonneuve West

2097 de Maisonneuve West

2325 Oxford

2077 de Maisonneuve West

2615 Kent

2625 Kent

3421 Oxford

2775 Modugno

3405 Oxford

2645 Bercy

3205-3273 Autoroute 440 West

2820-2894 St-Charles

3423 Oxford

3660 Hutchison

3647 Durocher

3445 Stanley

3649 Durocher

3510 Cote St-Catherine

3651 Durocher

3476 Saint Dominique

4433 Hotel De Ville

4319 Girouard

4100 Dupuis

4201 Decarie

4321 Girouard

4323 Girouard

4120 Dupuis

3860 du Fort-Rolland

3905 du Fort-Rolland

4785 Bouchette

4810 Bourret

4576 Old Orchard

4729 Fulton

5110-5120 de Courtrai

4725 Fulton

4701 de Courtrai

4750 Samson Boulevard

4578 Old Orchard

5334 Place Newman

4765 Levesque Boulevard West

4723 Fulton

4727 Fulton

4635 Clanranald

705 31e Avenue

5285 Beaconsifeld

5617-5631 Sherbrooke West

5471-5479 Westminster

5821 Cote St Luc Road

5825 Cote St Luc Road

5783 Cote Saint-Luc Road

5781 Cote Saint-Luc Road

5344 Place Newman

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Gestion Lameer building management


5450 Ch. de la Côte-des-Neiges #409, Montreal, Quebec H3T 1Y6


Who makes up the Gestion Lameer team?

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We are made up of dedicated individuals in fields ranging from superintendents, building maintenance technicians, property managers, property administrators and accountants.

What areas do you currently service?

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Gestion Lameer is a leading provider for property management services on the island of Montreal and beyond. To learn more about our current building locations, please refer to the properties page of our website.

What kind of involvement is required from owners when they hire Gestion Lameer?

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The level of involvement owners have in their properties depends on the owners themselves.

However, we provide each of our clients with the same quality of service and attention to detail, regardless of how involved they wish to be with their property.

How does Gestion Lameer charge for its services?

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We charge a monthly management fee based on a percentage of the total revenue for the property. For smaller properties, there can be a fixed monthly minimum management fee.

What extent of services do you provide?

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We offer full-service property management. We handle all aspects of running your property, from leasing to maintenance and renovations, accounting and more.

What is the onboarding process?

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The onboarding process begins with a meeting at the property to walk-through and discuss goals and expectations, followed by an analysis of the building’s operating costs and income. A service agreement outlining expectations and responsibilities is then signed by all parties involved.